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Khanh Thanh Stone

Khanh Thanh Enterprise would like to send to all distinguished custumers our wish for good health and august greetings!

Endowed with geographical advantages where there are plenty of natural, rare and high quality stone quarries in Vietnam, together with time-honourned experiences and expertise, we are very proud to be one of the leading exploiters, producers and exporters of kinds of natural stone in Vietnamese market, which have become familiar trademark to all custumers at home and abroad.

          Khanh Thanh stone manufacturer is equipped with modern facilities, staff with high-skilled workers and has annual capacity up to 30.000m3 of various stones. With block stone material source chosen from the best stone quarries in the entire country, stone products of Khanh Thanh always matches international standards in terms of quality and designs. Khanh Thanh’s products have earned the trust of custumers and been used in many important constructions in Vietnam and in other countries such as the Netherland, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, ect.

          With the motto: “Risen from the prestige quality”, Khanh Thanh Enterprise always improves designs, diversifies products, upgrates technologies and better qualifies cadres and workers to meet the increasing need from custumers.

Please come to our Enterprise whenever you want. You will receive from whole-hearted and considerate consultation information to provide high quality products with shortest delivery time.

Our market staff is always available and willing to serve you. Please contact us at:

          Khanh Thanh Enterprise

Address: Stone village industrial area

Dong Hung commune, Dong Son district, Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam

Tel:(+84)37.3502.479                              Fax: (+84)37.3693878

Director: Le Dinh Khanh                     Mobile: (+84)913.009902

Transaction staffs:

          1. Vietnamese language: Mr Long      Mobile: (+84)914.313.482

          2. International language: Ms Hai           Mobile: (+84)982.282.801

          3. International language: Ms Hien        Mobile: (+84)946.807.825
          Khanh Thanh
                                                   Risen from the prestige quality!
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